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Permanent Contraception

Female and male sterilisation should be considered as permanent and not reversible, as successful reversal cannot be guaranteed. The methods are 99.5% effective. They are suitable only for people who have completed their families or have decided not to have children, and feel certain of their decision. It is not usually recommended for young people, people who think they may want children in the future, or people who feel unsure about the procedure.

Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods

These are all more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy; they are also cost-effective, and reversible. These methods are administered less frequently than once per month. They have a very low failure rate compared with shorter-acting methods. LARC methods include the intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants.

Medium-acting contraception

These need to be administered more frequently than once per month but less frequently than daily.

Short-acting contraception

These methods need to be taken every day.

Barrier Methods

The following barrier methods require ‘action’ with every act of intercourse and therefore they can be less effective than the longer-acting methods.

Natural methods

These do not rely on the use of hormones or devices.