Known as Dry sex, dry humping, clothes on sex, no PIV, PIV critical, Oral sex, Anal sex
Medical names Outercourse, penetrative abstinence
Effectiveness -
It lasts Needs to be considered every time you have sex
Fertility No effect
Who can use it? People of all ages
Hormones No hormones
Visibility The method requires commitment from sexual partners to avoid PIV
STIs No protection
Side effects None
Cost Free
Where to get it Consider visiting a reproductive and sexual health clinic for advice


No PIV Activity

This method requires you to replace any penis in vagina (PIV) sex with other sexual activities.




No PIV Activity

How does it work?

Sperm can be released from a penis before and during orgasm or ejaculation. If a naked penis touches a naked vagina, pre ejaculate could enter the vagina. 

You and your sexual partners need to discuss, plan for, and commit to this method for it to work as a contraceptive. 

You will still need to consider the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) every time you have sex. 


What’s it like to use?

Some people prefer sexual activity which does not involve PIV sex. Sexual stimulation and orgasm can be achieved through a variety of other activities. These include: 

  • Kissing 
  • Intimate touching 
  • Masturbating alone or together 
  • Using or sharing sex toys 
  • Oral sex 
  • Anal sex 

Remember that you can contract Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) through bodily fluids, sharing of sex toys, and skin on skin contact. Consider STI prevention methods like condoms and dental dams. 


What if I forget about it?

You may need to consider emergency contraception and an STI check. 


Who can use it?

Anyone can use it. 

This is a method that requires careful planning and commitment. If PIV sex is desirable to either partner, another contraceptive method may be more suitable. 


Side effects

You need to be highly aware of your body and alternative sexual activities. 


How and where to get it

Make an appointment with a reproductive and sexual health clinic or your local doctor for a health assessment and to discuss alternative sexual activity options. 


What if you change your mind

Visit a reproductive and sexual health clinic or your local doctor to discuss your other contraceptive options. 


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