A trusted source of support

True conducts a range of sexual assault services to respond to different situations. The True Child & Family Service provides therapeutic and education services specialising in sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexually reactive behaviours. We work from a trauma-informed base and understand the specific impact trauma has on a child's development. Our therapists employ a variety of modalities including play, art, experiential, expressive, narrative and talk therapies. Counselling is free, confidential and always at the child's pace.

The Cairns Sexual Assault Service (CSAS) provides a range of free, confidential services, for:

  • Adults who have experienced recent or historic sexual assault
  • Adults who have experienced sexual assault in childhood
  • Children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse
  • Non-offending supporters of those who experienced sexual assault
  • Children or young people with sexually reactive behaviours
  • Non-offending supporters of those who present with sexually reactive behaviours