Prioritising healthy relationships and reproductive health for quality of life.

True Relationships & Reproductive Health (True) is a leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services in Queensland.

Formerly known as 'Family Planning Queensland', True, a profit-for-purpose organisation, was founded in 1972 on the premise of helping young women to understand how to take charge of their reproductive and sexual health, supporting them with information and choice. Since then, our operations has grown to become more inclusive, with True now aiming to improve health literacy and outcomes for all people in Queensland through providing clinical services, clinical education, community education, and sexual assault counselling services.

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Our Vision

Quality care, safety, and choice in sexual and reproductive health, and respectful relationships for all.

True's goal is to achieve substantial, positive social impact by improving reproductive and sexual health and promoting safe and respectful relationships. This is achieved through the delivery of expert clinical services, education, and counselling. True's continuing partnership with the Queensland Government and other partners allows True staff to ensure that:

• Barriers to quality clinical care, contraception, medical abortion; prevention of sexually transmitted infections and are overcome.

• People with disability get the sexual education they need.

• Health information is delivered by bilingual educators.

• Survivors of sexual assault receive trauma-informed care.

• Children, young people and parents/carers gain confidence in having the awkward discussions on sex and healthy relationships.

• LGBTIQ+ community members can live a life filled with pride and achievement.


Our Purpose

To empower, advocate, and provide comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care across the lifespan through quality clinical care, education, and counselling.


Our Strategic Goals

Strategic pillars 


How We Work

True has been operating in Queensland for over 50 years, funded to provide expert sexual and reproductive health care and information around the state. As a profit-for-purpose organisation, True relies on funding and donations to help continue to provide quality care and increase health access and information across the state.

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Position Statements

True supports safe, inclusive, evidence-informed sexual reproduction clinical services and education. Our client and employees’ safety are paramount. We value ethical codes of behaviour and standards of professional and personal conduct. Our approach is to educate and provide best-practice support to improve and maintain our community’s sexual, reproductive, and relationship health.

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