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True is the state's leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services, specialising in contraception and gynaecological care. We are proud to provide clients with a broad range of expert reproductive and sexual health services, including long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). To find out more about True Clinics' achievements this year, visit our True Insights page.

Metro & Regional Clinics

We are proud to provide clients with a broad range of expert reproductive and sexual health services. To make an appointment, please call your nearest clinic or complete our online booking request form. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call for assistance.

Rural & Remote Clinics

True hosts 14 rural and remote clinics and we are committed to bringing expert reproductive and sexual health services to every Queenslander. Our aim is to develop a sustainable health service to ensure preventative care is within reach of every community. True’s determination to find a way for our friendly female clinicians to regularly visit the outback led to a partnership with CheckUP. In 2016, we launched our rural and remote service, which today sees True's trusted clinicians visiting the following regional locations to offer reproductive and sexual health services.

Agnes Water

Clinic dates: 16-18 May; 22-24 August; 28-30 November

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Clinic dates: 9 June; 8 September; 17 November

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Clinic dates: 30 May; 15 August; 7 November

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Clinic dates: 16-17 May; 22-23 August; 21-22 November

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Clinic dates: 31 May; 16 August; 8 November

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Clinic dates: 18-19 May; 24-25 August; 23-24 November

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Clinic dates: 5-6 September; 29-30 August

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Julia Creek

Clinic dates: 8-9 September; 1-2 September

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Clinic dates: 10 June; 10 September; 18 November

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Mount Morgan

Clinic dates: 27 May; 26 August; 25 November

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Clinic dates: 23-24 May; 8-9 August; 28-29 November

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Clinic dates: 7-8 June; 6-7 September; 15-16 November

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Clinic dates: 7 September; 31 August

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Clinic dates: 5-6 December; Coming in October – dates to be advised

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Clinic dates: 6 June; 5 September; 14 November

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