Position Statements


  • True supports safe, inclusive, evidence-informed sexual reproduction clinical services and education.
  • Our client and employees’ safety are paramount. We value ethical codes of behaviour and standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • Modern health care requires a dynamic and adaptable approach to best reflect the current social and economic environments.
  • We have a duty to remain client-centred always. The needs of our clients are the primary focus.
  • True provides comprehensive, evidence-informed, inclusive, and culturally appropriate sexual and reproductive health education programs.
  • Health education and promotion are critical to securing better sexual, reproductive health and relationship outcomes.
  • Sexuality and relationships are a fundamental part of who people are. Everyone has the right to access health information, health services, and the right to choose how to live their lives.


Policy & positioning 

  • Our approach is to educate and provide best-practice support to improve and maintain our community’s sexual, reproductive, and relationship health.
  • We recognise people’s human right to sexual and reproductive health.
  • People must be provided the opportunity to enjoy mutually satisfying and safe relationships, free from coercion or violence, without fear of infection or unwanted pregnancy, and with the ability to regulate their fertility without adverse consequences.
  • We provide a comprehensive approach that includes sexual, reproductive, and relationship health promotion and education.
  • We focus on healthy relationships as a key part of sexual and reproductive health. We recognise this requires a positive, respectful approach that includes a focus on sex positivity, pleasure, negotiating boundaries, and making informed choices.
  • We acknowledge diversity and recognise the needs of all persons regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, geographic location, financial means, and any other status.
  • We are committed to reducing inequities in sexual and reproductive health outcomes and improving access to relevant information and services for at-risk or vulnerable population groups.
  • True adheres to and delivers evidence-informed and accountable policies and programs that are underpinned by research, systematic data collection, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring.
  • True supports sexual and reproductive health by providing non-judgmental, confidential, quality care.
  • Sexual health promotion and education policies should support sexual and reproductive wellbeing in all stages of life, from young people through to older persons.



  • Every person has the right to access high-quality, confidential contraceptive, and/or fertility care.
  • A range of safe and affordable methods of contraception should be accessible to people of all genders and accompanied by appropriate information strategies.
  • In addition to reliable, reversible long-term contraception, emergency hormonal contraception should be affordable and accessible through registered medical practitioners.
  • Access to confidential, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, screening, and information is critical to safeguarding and promoting the health of people.
  • Women should have access to appropriate support to maintain a pregnancy to term and subsequently to raise a child.
  • True respects and believes every person should have the right to exercise choice over all aspects of their sexual and reproductive health.
  • All medical procedures, contraception related or not, are regulated.
  • True acts in accordance with all state and national laws and Queensland Health clinical guidelines and frameworks.
  • We respect the rights of our doctors and healthcare professionals to provide a variety of considered medically proven options to ensure our clients receive the best in care and advice.
  • True supports gender affirmative therapy for adults (18 years and over), when it is appropriately and thoroughly discussed and planned for in conjunction with accurate medical advice.


Comprehensive Sexuality Education

  • Sexuality education needs to be available to young people before they start sexual activity so that they are supported in having safe, healthy relationships.
  • Discussing LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse topics helps reduce bullying and stigmatisation and leads to better educational outcomes.
  • True has been trusted by Queensland schools and successfully delivered sexuality and relationship education to hundreds of thousands of students over the past 50 years.
  • The True All School program is evidence-informed and mapped to the national curriculum for Prep to Year 10. Year 11 and 12 programs support students to develop 21st century skills in line with the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) senior syllabus.
  • We are respectful and inclusive in our approach to education. Our educators are skilled professionals, trained in delivering best-practice, curriculum-approved education relating to comprehensive sexuality and relationship education.
  • True is dedicated to delivering age- and intellectual ability-appropriate education that meets the Australian Curriculum standards.
  • Healthy relationships and sexuality education positively influences social and emotional health when delivered in a developmentally appropriate manner across the lifespan.
  • Education promotes safer sexual and relationship practices, including prevention of STIs and unplanned pregnancy.
  • True encourages and provides school-based education on topics of sexuality because it reduces the probability of children becoming victims of sexual abuse.
  • True believes education can provide a safe environment for young people to openly discuss issues and seek out professional assistance where necessary.
  • Everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing.
  • True provides professional development programs for professionals. These ensure educators and others in influential roles can teach core competencies and provide support to students in the provision of sexual and reproductive health. This includes teachers, medical practitioners, community and population-specific organisations, peer educators and parents.
  • Parents, and other mentors, can help identify and develop knowledge. True ensures they have the right tools, competencies, and capability to promote, protect, and respond to children/teens/people.


Equality & diversity

  • Healthcare and education should be approached without fear, harassment, stigma, or judgement.
  • Education should be age appropriate (to the person’s chronological age) and respectful of a person’s capability, diversity in sexual attraction, and gender identity.
  • It is critical that we approach CSE with a LGBTIQ+ lens with a view to reduction of bullying, stigma and discrimination; and ensuring people have equity and access to education and information that meets the needs of all.
  • We support the human rights of people with intersex variations and do not believe that unnecessary surgery should be performed unless the individual themselves can make an informed choice.
  • We intend to build and strengthen relationships with the First Nations community and are working toward offering education and information that supports people working with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders peoples.
  • True believes the sexual rights of people with disabilities should be recognised and appropriately supported.
  • People with disabilities are sexual beings and irrespective of their disability, their need for appropriate information and care is paramount.
  • True recognises all people should have equal opportunity to learn about sexual health and relationships.
  • Understanding topics such as consent, respect and looking after your body is proven to be highly effective in empowering an individual and it improves relationships and health outcomes.
  • Our resources and information are available to First Nations and Multicultural communities and have a culturally responsive focus to ensure access to appropriate and effective information across all relationship and sexuality topics.