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The following pages provides information about our new sexual assault service. Some information may be triggering. 

True Support Services Hub

The True Support Services Hub (TSSH) in Rockhampton has been established to assist the Rockhampton community with acute sexual assault responses. This means that if you are someone who has recently experienced sexual assault in Rockhampton, you can complete the risk assessment checklist, found under “Coming to TSSH”, and present to our clinic. We can assist you with medical care, counselling, and support services.

TSSH also works with the Police and the Hospital, so if you’re presenting to any of those services, they may refer you to us. This is to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate care for you – we are all here to help.

“Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual behaviour towards another person. It can happen in public, private, or institutional settings and can be carried out by people known to the victim (including family members, partners, or former partners) or by strangers. Sexual violence often has lifelong impacts on people who experience it”. (Queensland Health, 2019)


Rape can be defined as “if a person inserts their penis, body part or an object into your vagina or anus, or your mouth is penetrated by a person’s penis without your consent” (Queensland Police, 2021)

At TSSH, we can help you with the following:


- Forensic examination: This is done to try capture any DNA present on your body from the perpetrator. This can later provide evidence to help identify the person who sexually assaulted you. This examination is most useful within 72 hours of the rape or sexual assault in some circumstances it may be longer.

- Counselling services: We can assist you throughout this reporting period, to ensure that you’re well supported and have all the information you may need.

- Follow-up clinical care: We are a sexual and reproductive health clinic. Should you require follow up care for STI’s, contraception, pregnancy options, or any other sexual and reproductive care, you can continue your care at our clinic.

Everyone is welcome at TSSH. If you are wanting to seek out our service, please complete the risk assessment. These questions can be quite sensitive, but this checklist is to ensure that the clinicians and counsellors at TSSH can provide the most appropriate care for you.

If you answered yes to any of these points, please present to your nearest Emergency Hospital or Police Station.

TSSH Risk Assessment

□ Have you sustained a head injury?

□ Have you got any physical injuries on your body that you feel need urgent attention?

□ Do you currently have any thoughts of suicide or self-harm?

□ Are you worried about your immediate safety?

□ Have you been strangled?

□ Are you under the influence of drugs or alcohol that may hinder your ability to consent to care?

If you have any questions, or need to visit our service, you can contact us using the details below.


Phone: (07) 4151 1556





True Support Services Hub

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