True values diversity and aims to help schools, organisations and families in establishing safe supportive environments for LGBTIQ+ people. Information and training is also readily available for the wider community.

Being Me Video

Figuring out who you are can take time. Some young people may wonder about who they’re attracted to or about their gender identity and that’s okay. Young LGBTQ+ people may want to share this with others or they may not. Everyone’s experience is unique, and we all get to decide what feels right and safe for us! If you or somebody you know would like to talk to somebody about diverse sexualities or gender identities, contacting your nearest PFLAG+ or LGBTQ+ youth service can be a good plac ...

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Safe space resources

Inclusive spaces maximise the wellbeing of everybody, including children, young people and families. Currently, LGBTIQ+ people are still at risk of experiencing discriminatory homophobia or transphobia. This can make them feel unsafe in education and health settings, accessing services or other social spaces, which impacts on their health and wellbeing.

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Support & other Resources

Information and support available for LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse people and their families is readily available.

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