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Building 1
230 Lutwyche Road
Windsor QLD 4030
PO Box 215
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
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Ground Floor, Solander Centre
182 Grafton Street
Cairns QLD 4870

PO Box 1678
Cairns QLD 4870
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Shop 5
54 Limestone Street
Ipswich QLD 4305

PO Box 429
Ipswich QLD 4305
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Glenmore Shopping Village
301 Farm Street
Norman Gardens QLD 4701

PO Box 3198
Red Hill
Rockhampton QLD 4701
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Level 1
661 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

PO Box 3361
Toowoomba Village Fair QLD 4350
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F07 4632 2365

Rural and remote locations


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Our experienced doctors can help you to choose the contraception that is right for you. We offer a full range of options including hormonal and non-hormonal methods. Long-acting, reversible contraception has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering 3 to 5 years of protection without any action on a daily basis. We offer expert services in long-acting reversible contraception such as Implanon, hormone implants, intra-uterine devices and DMP injections.

Planning a pregnancy

Our doctors can provide information and support to women planning a pregnancy or having difficulty in becoming pregnant.  We can arrange appropriate testing and advice for women to maximise opportunities to achieve a pregnancy and stay healthy once pregnant to have the best outcome for mother and baby.

Antenatal care

During your pregnancy, we have a shared care approach with local hospitals and provide antenatal classes in some areas.

Postnatal care

After your baby is born, we offer care and advice on looking after yourself and a discussion on contraceptive options to plan and space your pregnancies for the health of the whole family.

Menstrual concerns

If you are experiencing problems with bleeding or any other aspect of menstruation, we can offer investigation and management options. We are able to treat most problems and tailor management to the individual woman.

Pap tests and management of abnormal Pap tests

Pap tests identify changes in cervical cells that can lead to cancer. Cervical screening with a Pap test is recommended every 2 years for women between 18 and 70, who have ever been sexually active (even for women who have been vaccinated against HPV). An abnormal test needs to be investigated further by a procedure called colposcopy. Most abnormal tests, once investigated, do not need any further treatment. We provide a sensitive service that gives up-to-date information and management.


Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life. There are a wide range of changes and symptoms and every woman does not have the same experience. It is a good time in life to review your health and look at preventive activities for the future. We provide a tailored approach to support each client and her individual needs.

Sexual health

We offer a sensitive and confidential approach to all aspects of sexual health. We can offer testing, advice and management of sexual health issues as part of a holistic reproductive and sexual health service.

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