Tertiary & Research

The Tertiary and Research unit is responsible for conducting and supervising research projects at True. These research areas encompass both education and clinical services. University partnerships are a vital component of this work.

True's University partnership projects include the following:

PhD Partnerships: Current PhD partnership projects with universities:

An evaluation of two relationships and sexuality education courses in Queensland schools Supervisors: Dr Claire Moran, True, Professor Kerryann Walsh and Dr Lisa van Leent, Queensland University of Technology

Adolescent sexual health: Predictors, measurement and intervention Supervisors: Dr Claire Moran, True, Associate Professor Matthew Gullo and Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle, University of Queensland.

Research partnerships:

True partners with universities and organisations to collaboratively conduct research on various aspects of sexual and reproductive health. Recent partners include:

  • Queensland University of Technology;
  • University of Queensland;
  • University of the Sunshine Coast;
  • and The Heart Foundation.

Research Grant Partnerships

Sexual Health Research Fund: Sexual and Reproductive Health Literacy of Young Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Queenslanders Research Partners: University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland.

Student research projects

We also engage in student projects and internships which see students assisting in research activities or resource development and can take a number of forms:

  • Work placement, fulfilling a requirement for undergraduate or master’s degree across a range of disciplines including public health and social sciences;
  • Career development, as part of a PhD program;
  • Internship (independent of a university program);
  • and Industry partner research project.


True's tertiary and research specialists give guest lectures, talks and presentations on a range of sexual and reproductive health topics.

If you would like more information or to discuss potential partnership or engagement opportunities, please contact Dr Claire Moran, Manager - Tertiary and Research, at claire.moran@true.org.au