Traffic Lights® for professionals

Traffic Lights® provides a framework that is age and developmentally appropriate, positive, and protective. Traffic Lights® uses the categories of green, orange and red light to help adults identify, understand, and respond to children and young people’s sexual behaviours, to support healthy sexual development and can help protect children and young people from harm or abuse.

Traffic Lights® can be used by a wide variety of professionals including schools, early childhood education and care centres, health professionals, social workers, and psychologists.

Traffic Lights Booklet

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Professional Development

We offer a practical Traffic Lights® course in which we examine how young people are using new technologies and both the risks and benefits that these technologies bring. We also examine the implications of digital technology on the sexual development, sexual behaviour, safety and well-being of children and young people.

Participants will explore resources and gain skills to identify and support healthy, age-appropriate online behaviours and to protect children and young people from the risks posed by the online world.

Training - Face to face courses

Training - Online course


Licensing & Consultancy

Traffic Lights® is trademarked in several jurisdictions internationally as well as throughout Australia. Options include:

  • Non-Commercial (for use internally for larger organisations)
  • Commercial (for use in training external parties or where commercial gain is attributable including obtaining Government or other grants)
  • Train the Trainer (provided in conjunction with either a non-commercial or commercial licence to an organisation)

Do I need a license to use Traffic Lights?

If your organisation wants to use Traffic Lights® resources or the Traffic Lights® trademark, you will need a license. Copying, adapting or publishing the material without True's authorisation is not permitted. Using Traffic Lights® to deliver education and training for commercial gain without a license from True is an infringement of Copyright and Trademark Law.

Professional consultancy

We offer consultancy services in response to organisational need, including:

  • Policy audit and development
  • Education and training for specific audiences
  • Contextualising application of Traffic Lights® to individual settings
  • Communication of key messages, both internal and external

For more information email True at or call (07) 3250 0240 to discuss your organisation's needs.

“The training was engaging and delivered in an interactive way which encouraged everyone who attended to participate. The updated tool and resources will enable Brook to deliver the training to previous participants … and new participants.” Simone, Business Development Lead, Brook

“I attended the course in London delivered by Claire from True Relationships & Reproductive Health. This training was delivered with much professionalism. Claire was knowledgeable and answered questions fully. The updated version of the Traffic light system is easy to understand and is relevant to the recent safeguarding strategies … Well done and I look forward to delivering this to other professionals with confidence." Doz Leach, Brook