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True 'All School' Program

True’s All School Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) program is evidence informed and has been developed for the needs of Australian schools and families, backed by True’s 45+ years of experience.

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Prep-Year 12 across Queensland:

  • Primary (p-6)  
  • Secondary (7-10)  
  • Senior (11-12)  
  • Disability Program


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Our All School program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum

True’s All School RSE program is evidence informed and mapped to the Australian HPE Curriculum for Prep to Year 10. Year 11 & 12 programs support students to develop 21st century skills in line with the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) senior syllabus.

Learning about relationships and sexuality

Children are sexual beings from the moment they are born and their sexuality continues to develop throughout life. Whilst parents and carers are children’s primary source of relationships and sexuality education, supporting children’s healthy sexual development is a responsibility that is shared by schools, parents and carers.

Children and young people who receive comprehensive relationships and sexuality education (inclusive of sexual abuse prevention education) from an early age are more likely to:

  • feel good about themselves
  • understand and accept changes
  • appreciate and accept individual differences
  • are more likely to make informed and responsible sexual decisions later in life
  • are less vulnerable to sexual abuse
  • understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  • talk about their feelings and experiences.

True’s approach

True’s All School RSE program is delivered by trained educators in a way that is respectful, free of discrimination and accepting of the diversity that exists within relationships and families. All School RSE program content and activities are age appropriate and aligned with the curriculum. Read more about the benefits of relationships and sexuality education.


True’s All School RSE program can be tailored to address local circumstances, for example smaller classes with multiple year levels Further, True offers several program options for schools to maximise learning outcomes. True’s education team works closely with schools to ensure that programs meet the needs of the entire school community including comprehensive programs over several years.


Primary Schools

Number of classes Price / hour / class +GST
1 $300
2 $275
3 $250
4 or more $225

Secondary Schools

Number of classes Price / hour / class +GST
1 $350
2 $325
3 $300
4 or more $275