Relationship Ready

Confidently teaching young people about relationships & sexuality

Relationship Ready is a package available free for school communities, including teachers, staff and parents/carers.

For Teachers

Relationships and sexuality education (RSE) is essential to developing empowered, healthy, accepting individuals - but for some teachers, RSE may be challenging to teach as well as present some unique barriers and challenges within school communities. We know that most teachers value RSE and Relationship Ready provides an opportunity to build confidence in delivering lessons on bodies, self protection, puberty, reproduction, relationships and sexual health.

True’s Relationship Ready professional development is designed to empower teachers to deliver quality, comprehensive relationship and sexuality education (RSE) in their school community and to address the unique barriers to delivery.

Relationship Ready training sessions address key barriers and challenges to delivering relationship and sexuality education (RSE). Register for one of the 2-hour sessions for access to the Zoom session and follow-up training resources.

If you would like us to work directly with your school please contact and request a Relationship Ready professional development session.

The sessions include:

  • Addressing key barriers and challenges to comprehensive RSE
  • Reviewing sexual development, sexual health and clinical health statistics about young people in Queensland
  • Creating a safe classroom environment for all students and all diversities - including CALD, LGBTIQ+, trauma and/or disability
  • Answering tricky questions and discomfort
  • Acknowledging concerns from parents/carers and others
  • Accessing resources that can assist in the classroom.

Who should attend?

  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Guidance Officers
  • School-based Youth Health Nurses
  • Chaplains
  • Teacher Aides
  • And any other school-based supports for children and young people.

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For Parents & Carers

Relationship and sexuality education provides children and young people with the knowledge and skills to understand their bodies, make healthy choices, and form respectful relationships, but teaching RSE can present unique challenges. Whilst we know that most teachers value RSE, Relationship Ready provides an opportunity to build confidence in delivering lessons on bodies, self-protection, puberty, reproduction, relationships, and sexual health.

The project's materials are reviewed and supported by the Queensland Department of Education and Queensland Health. At various stages throughout a child's lifecycle, they become ready to learn about relationships and sexuality. It's important that children and young people have a healthy understanding of what constitutes healthy relationships and safe sexual practices.

Parents and carers play a primary role in the Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) of the children and young people in our care. The positive messages they receive about sexuality through the conversations we have can support them to be healthy, safe, and confident about their bodies and sexuality. Having these conversations isn’t always easy, we might not know where to start or feel confident answering questions.

True's Relationship Ready Parent and Carer online training modules contain language, topics, and suggestions for how to engage the children and young people in your care in conversations surrounding relationships and sexuality. They cover topics of personal safety, puberty, periods, healthy relationships, safer sex, and STIs.

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