Safe space resources

Why have a safe space?

Inclusive spaces maximise the wellbeing of everybody, including children, young people and families. Currently, LGBTIQ+ people are still at risk of experiencing discriminatory homophobia or transphobia. This can make them feel unsafe in education and health settings, accessing services or other social spaces, which impacts on their health and wellbeing.

Having a safe space signifies a commitment to ensuring that everybody is treated with respect and supported, regardless of their identity. These posters have been designed to be used by education settings or other organisations working with children, young people and families. Displaying a Safe Space poster will identify the organisation as being inclusive and supportive of LGBTIQ+ people. 

Safe Space Posters

Schools Organisational & ECEC

Poster for organisations and workplaces

Placement: At reception, principals office, visible to the public and parents.

Organisation School
Organisation ECEC

Poster for designated spaces

Placement: In a classroom or library, not necessarily visible to the public, but a designated space known to staff and those enrolled.

CR School

Poster for representatives

Placement: In a classroom or notice board, or even an LMS, not specific to any space, but visible to staff and those enrolled.

Role School

There are other important steps to take to ensure that your organisation and staff are equipped to use best practices in being LGBTIQ+ inclusive. Learn more about this by accessing the resources below.

Other resources

For educators:

To learn more about how to make your early childhood setting or school more inclusive of LGBTIQ+ children, young people and families, contact

For other organisations: