Reproductive & Sexual Health Clinics

True offer a sensitive and confidential approach to all aspects of sexual health. We can offer testing, advice and management of sexual health issues as part of a holistic reproductive and sexual health service. True offers clinical advice and support in the following areas:

Sex and sexuality means much more than the physical act of sexual intercourse. It also encompasses how people feel about themselves and their bodies, their sexual interests and attraction to others (whether that is the opposite sex or the same sex). Our sexuality is influenced by biological, emotional, cultural, spiritual and moral aspects of our life. It may change throughout our life, and be influenced by factors such as disability, illness and ageing.
For some people, having an illness will not impact on their sex lives while for others it can change things significantly. It is important to talk with your partner and doctors about your concerns.

Although the media and community tend to overlook older people's sexuality, we are all sexual beings. Many older people are sexually active or would like to be. The physical, emotional and social changes of ageing may make this difficult - True's expert practitioners can offer advice and suggestions.

Generally, most people do not need to experience symptoms to have a sexual health check-up. It's a good idea at any age as there are a number of STIs which often cause no symptoms but can have significant effects on your health (e.g. chlamydia).

A sexual health check is advisable if you:

  • think you have an STI
  • have had unprotected sex with casual partners
  • are starting a new sexual relationship
  • have different partners
  • have been sexually assaulted
  • want to discuss safe sex or contraception.

Call or email your nearest True Clinic for a confidential discussion about your sexual health needs.

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