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True's clinical staff are proud to provide clients with a broad range of expert reproductive and sexual health services, including:

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Options and advice
IUD, Implanon insertions/removals

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Complex gynaecology

Colposcopy *(Bulk billed)
Hormonal issues, including PCOS
Menstrual concerns

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Menopause & Female health

Breast health
Cervical screening
Pelvic floor physiotherapy*
Pelvic pain
Vulvar health

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Antenatal and
postnatal care*
Antenatal classes*
Preconception care
Unplanned pregnancy, counselling and options

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Sexual Health

Sexual health screening
Specialised under 25s program*

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*Services not available in all locations. Contact us to confirm.

Cervical screening

True offers a complete Cervical Screening service for any sexually active person with a cervix aged between 25 and 74 years. It's a simple procedure which you will be reminded about every 5 years.

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Colposcopy service

True’s expert female clinicians are accredited to perform diagnostic colposcopy for women whose cervical screening indicates a change requiring further investigation.

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Complex gynaecology

True’s expert female clinicians are accredited to perform diagnostic colposcopy for those whose cervical screening indicates a change requiring further investigation. Contact True for an appointment at your nearest clinic.

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Latest Covid-19 Update

The well-being of our clients and staff is our priority. Regarding the latest update on COVID-19, we want to reassure you that we are responding and cooperating in line with the most recent Queensland Government advice.

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Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life. There are a wide range of changes and symptoms to expect and each woman will be different. It is a good time to review your health and look at preventive activities for the future.

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Menstruation concerns

If you are experiencing problems with any aspect of menstruation, our specialised health experts can can offer investigation and management options. True can treat most problems and tailor management to the individual.

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Pregnancy and Antenatal Care

Our doctors provide information and support to women planning for a family or having difficulty becoming pregnant. We arrange testing and advice to maximise opportunities for a healthy pregnancy and to stay healthy once pregnant.

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Reproductive & Sexual Health Clinics

True offers a sensitive and confidential approach to all aspects of testing, advice and management as part of a holistic reproductive and sexual health service.

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Find out how you can talk to one of True's expert clinicians or counsellors over the phone from the privacy and comfort of your own home. True offers 100% confidential Telehealth consultations, allowing you to stay at home to receive support.

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Under 25's Program - free for eligible clients

True offers free sexual health clinical services to young people, who are eligible, under 25 in Ipswich and Toowoomba clinics. Friendly female nurses provide consultation in the areas of contraception, pregnancy and sexual health checks.

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Vasectomy service

A vasectomy is the safest method of permanent birth control for males. True offers a safe, effective and affordable, modern no-scalpel technique, performed by our highly experienced vasectomist at our Brisbane clinic.

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