Colposcopy service

Colposcopy service at True

True’s expert female clinicians are accredited to perform diagnostic colposcopy for women whose cervical screening indicates a change requiring further investigation.

Diagnostic colposcopy may also be performed for women who experience abnormal bleeding or when a clinician is concerned with the appearance of the cervix at the time of performing cervical screening. Our accredited clinicians work closely with GPs and local hospitals to streamline the diagnostic and treatment processes.

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How to Refer:

Appointments to our colposcopy clinics can be made by contacting True directly.

GP referrals should be accompanied by copies of relevant cervical screening results including previous PAP smears and STI screening and/or pelvic ultrasound if appropriate. The letter should indicate the reason for colposcopy.

If you wish to discuss a colposcopy referral with a medical or nursing officer, please call one of the following True Clinics: