Young people seek more from Relationships & Sexuality Education

Young people in Queensland want more from the relationships and sexuality education they receive in school. Many young people report that the education they receive in school is narrow, inadequate, and received too late1.

We know from the national survey of secondary students and sexual health that the majority of high school students are engaging in sexual behaviours and that more than half of senior students have had sex/intercourse2. But young people currently don’t have adequate information to support them engaging in safe and respectful practices.

In the survey, more than a quarter of young people in years 10-12 reported that they had had unwanted sexual experiences and more than half of year 12 girls reported experiencing unwanted sexual behaviours; a lot of the time from peers3. Young people want to know about the physical and emotional impacts of sexual relationships as well as information on the practicalities and consequences of reproductive and sexual health issues to help them make informed choices1.

Young people can be supported to have happy and healthy relationships with robust RSE that includes nuanced discussions of consent that extend beyond ‘no means no’ into explorations of mutual decisions through discussions.

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