Men's sexual health bruchure

During Men’s Health Week, True is excited to announce that a new resource for men on reproductive and sexual health will be launching in July!

Health and community professionals identified that there is a lack of simple English and translated resources for men on sexual and reproductive health.

Image Mens sexual health bruchure

Informed by community member consultation and health and community professionals, the resource will be simple, accessible in different formats, and aims to open a conversation about reproductive and sexual health.

The resource will be available as a downloadable PDF, audio version, as well as a discreet printed resource that will fit in a pocket or wallet. The resource will be available in easy English, Kirundi, Dari, Vietnamese, and Swahili.

The information included in the resource may not be true (or relevant if preferred) for all men, for example, people who are transgender or intersex.

Make sure to check our CRH pages on the True website in July to download this new resource.

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