Menopause Clinic at True

True’s expert female clinicians have a special interest in women’s reproductive health throughout the life span. One of the particular areas that they work in is menopause. They recognise that the management and treatment of menopausal symptoms will depend on the woman, her stage of life, relationships and general health and wellbeing.

True’s doctors and nurses will provide referring physicians with regular updates as they work with each woman to recommend lifestyle changes, menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) and/or prescription medications to help to control the symptoms of menopause.

Generally, women aged 35 years and over who report any of the following should be referred to True:

Irregular or cessation of periods
Vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse
Hot flushes
Night sweats
Sleep disturbances
Mood changes
Weight gain
Thinning hair and dry skin
Urinary frequency

Appointments can be made by contacting a True clinic directly. GP referrals should be accompanied by a letter indicating the reason for the referral.

If you wish to discuss a referral with a medical or nursing officer from this specialty, please call True.

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