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When is the last time you focused on pleasure in the context of your relationships—not just with other people, but with yourself?

For many of us, our education around sex and relationships was primarily fear-based: avoiding unplanned pregnancies, the dangers of STIs, sexual harassment, and more. And while this is all important (very important!), what’s often left out of the conversation is talk around pleasure.

So often, we feel like pleasure is something to be rationed, that other people’s pleasure and joy should come before our own, or that pleasure is something we’ll get to—you know, later, when there’s more time.  

But pleasure is something that’s absolutely vital for each of us. That’s why we’re hoping you join us for our 30 days of pleasure this September.

Each day, you’ll receive an email with one thing you can do to add more pleasure into your life.


Why pleasure?

Pleasure-based sexual health has been found to improve people’s physical and mental health, encourage better communication and consent, promote safer sex, and make conversations around sex more inclusive.

But sex isn’t for everyone, and there’s also a lot more to pleasure than just sex! Modern research shows that it’s an important component of happiness and who couldn’t use more happiness in their life right now?

We’d love for you to come on the 30 days of pleasure journey with us. We know your inbox is crowded, so we’re keeping things short and sweet with one tip daily that you can action ASAP.

From ways to bring more pleasure into the bedroom—solo or partnered—to small ways you can inject a dose of joy into each day, get ready for the best September ever. 


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Just a heads up, we'll be discussing topics for ages 18+ in this campaign.