Congratulations Dr. Angela Smith!

A photo of Dr Angela Smith in front of the Ipswich clinic window with the True Logo on the wall.

We’re fortunate to have health professionals on our team who love what they do and are committed to learning more so they can share that knowledge with their patients. We chatted with Dr Angela Smith, Senior Medical Officer at our Ipswich Clinic, on her newest professional title and what it means for her work.

Q. What title have you been awarded?

A. I have finished specialist training as a sexual health physician. I completed the Sexual Health Medicine Physician training and am now a Fellow of the Australian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, which is part of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Q. What was the process like and why was it important for you personally to complete?

A. Completing fellowship training over the last three years has been challenging. I am passionate about women's health, and sexual health is an integral part of women's sexual and reproductive health.

This training has elevated my knowledge, skills, and experience as a doctor and has improved my clinical expertise for all patients. Being away from women's sexual and reproductive health for two years while completing training highlighted my enthusiasm for this area of health care.

Q. How will this achievement help you with your work at True?

A. This achievement ties in seamlessly with my work at True. There are many intersections of sexual health with women's health and reproductive health. I have a deeper understanding of all factors relating to sexuality, blood borne viruses, and STIs.

My training has highlighted the need for specialised women's health services and reignited my dedication and love for the work I do and the services we provide at True. I hope to pass on my knowledge, experience, and skills to colleagues within True and the broader community.


Congratulations again Dr. Angela Smith and thank you for all you do for True!