Celebrating International Nurses Day 2021

The theme for International Nurses Day 2021 was “Nurses: A Voice to Lead” and reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on the nursing profession, and its future effects. True’s nurses and nurse practitioners play a vital role in the reproductive and sexual health of our community. Senior Nursing Officer, Jodi Mauro from True’s Cairns Clinic, shares what IND means to her...

“IND is a day to celebrate! You will never meet another person with the immense compassion, dedication and belief in their role than a nurse. For me, nursing is both a science and an art and to share that with people is just pure talent. Happy IND fellow nursing colleagues!”

Jodi says she is grateful for the opportunity to access all the extensive training and education that she could have wished for. She says her team’s dedication, knowledge, belief, respect and passion is easily the best part of her job.

It’s Jodi’s firm belief that successful communities need healthy people to thrive. Her ‘forever goal’ at True is to maximise her impact on health outcomes within communities. At the end of the day, Jodi hopes that the people who have accessed True’s expert services feel listened to and supported with their health care concerns.

As a clinician, Jodi is truly committed to providing equal access to True’s expert clinical services, offering value, care and respect to all people without judgement.
“Everyone deserves access to high quality health care no matter where they live – this is what we always give at True, nothing less.”

We are so happy to have Jodi on the True Clinic team! #IND2021