True's educators combine relationships and sexuality expertise with experience across the disability sector. True's educators are available throughout Queensland to enable access by families and carers.

Brisbane and Ipswich

Yvonne Black has been working with children, young people and adults with disability for over 16 years, both individually and in group settings. With a background in education, Yvonne has been delivering relationships and sexuality education to children and adults with disability as a key part of True Relationships & Reproductive Health for the past 11 years. An important part of Yvonne’s work at True has been supporting parents, carers and support staff to develop strategies to support people with disability to experience safe relationships.

Annie Park worked at True Relationships and Reproductive Health (then FPQ) in education, health promotion, project and training roles from 2006-2010. She then worked as a teacher before returning to True in 2017. Annie believes that all people should have access to information about bodies, growing up, healthy relationships and personal safety and she supports children, young people and adults with disability in these areas. Annie also facilitates group education sessions in both mainstream and special education settings and supports parents, carers, teachers and services to provide ongoing relationships and sexuality education and information for their children, students and clients.


Rhiannon Warren comes from a human services background. Since 2011 she has gained experience working with young people and adults in areas such as disability and aged care support, mental health, homelessness and, women’s social and emotional wellbeing. Through her work and studies she has become aware of significant gaps in sexual and reproductive health knowledge in the community and sought an educator position at True to help address these. Rhiannon considers sexual and reproductive health education to be a human right and a means of addressing gender inequality. To further develop her skills and knowledge she is concurrently studying a Master of Public Health.

Gold Coast

Natasha Milner has delivered individual education sessions and sexuality needs consultations to people with disability since 2011. She facilitates training programs to staff and parents/carers who support people with disability and advises families and carers about resources available to provide the right information to support the health and well-being of the people they care for. She also facilitates community education sessions and workshops for adults with disability and regularly teaches relationships and sexuality topics in primary and secondary schools in both special education and mainstream classes. Natasha is an advocate for all people being able to access information on how bodies work; healthy relationships; and sexuality.

Sheena Callaghan comes from a nursing background. She has delivered relationships and sexuality education for over 10 years to a wide audience including people with disability and staff, both in schools and the community. She also delivers education to family, carers and workers so that they can support people with disability in their daily activities. Sheena believes that everyone, including people with disability, should have this information so that they can enjoy safe relationships and make healthy choices.

Sunshine Coast

Ben Itzkovich has a psychology and social services background. Since 2006 he has worked with children, youth and adults in the fields of disabilities, mental health, refugees and migration. In 2015, Ben began working as a school teacher with a focus on health and science and in 2019 started with True. Ben believes that all people, including those with a disability, have the right to engage in safe and healthy relationships and have the right to receive current, non-biased relationship and sexual health information and education.


Robyn Kavanagh started with True Relationships & Reproductive Health as an Educator in 2000, and since then has thoroughly enjoyed her work with children, young people and adults with a disability as well as their parents and carers. She is enormously grateful for the generosity of all her clients in teaching her so much, about so many things. Robyn has a degree in Education and a background in disability support work, and a special interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders.