Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a term used to describe a range of violating and unwanted behaviours of a sexual nature directed towards a person.

Sexual violence includes:

  • sexual harassment and intimidation
  • unwanted touching
  • secret filming
  • unauthorised distribution of images
  • drink spiking
  • coerced sexual activity
  • incest
  • sexual abuse
  • sexual assault
  • intimate partner sexual violence (regardless of gender preference or marital status)
  • rape

A sexual act may be considered sexual violence if:

  • you have not agreed or consented to it
  • you agreed only because of intimidation or coercion
  • you were unable to agree because you were asleep, intoxicated or for any other reason, unable to consent
  • an adult has sexual contact with a child.


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Sexual Assault Fact Sheet (PDF 317.2KB)

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