Children's safety skills

Open communication can help to keep children safe.

Children are sexual beings from the day they are born and early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals can play an important role when it comes to educating young children about body ownership and personal safety skills. Providing young children with age appropriate, accurate information about these topics, along with open communication with trusted adults, can help children feel good about their bodies and keep them safe from harm.

Understanding how to respond positively to children’s sexual behaviours is important for ECEC professionals. This includes behaviours that are considered healthy as well as those that may be of concern or harmful and require reporting to child protection authorities.

How True can help

We understand the importance that ECEC professionals, and parents and carers, place on issues such as these. True supports ECEC professionals with a range of different education and training options. These provide essential knowledge around topics including healthy sexual development, relationships and personal safety skills. A range of training options are available, including face-to-face sessions which encourage communication about personal safety and sexuality, webinars and online training.

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