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Counselling is free, confidential and always at the child's pace.

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True Child & Family Service in Cairns conducts a range of services to respond to different situations. This service provides therapeutic and education support services specialising in child sexual abuse, sexual assault, problematic sexual behaviours and harmful sexual behaviours.

We work from a trauma-informed base and understand the specific impact trauma has on a child's development. Our therapists employ a variety of modalities including play, art, experiential, expressive, narrative and talk therapies. Counselling is free, confidential and always at the child's pace. True Child & Family Service are now located at:

216 Draper Street
Parramatta Park
Cairns QLD 4870
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Phone 4281 6893

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All children have the right to be safe from abuse.

True Child & Family Service provides Personal Safety Education to ensure children are informed about their bodies and their rights, and given strategies to help keep themselves safe.

This is done in the context of counselling in conjunction with parents, carers and support people.

Children can learn these skills, however, the safety of children remains an adult responsibility, to both protect and not harm.