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We are Curae Technology

Our purpose is to deliver peace-of-mind and independence for end-users of our solutions, their families and care networks.

We achieve this by identifying and commercialising independence and safety solutions that can substantially improve the quality of life for citizens of Australia and New Zealand. We work with leading businesses in the aged, disability and lone worker sectors to apply our leading solutions to their customers' challenges. Our solution partners are based in socially progressive countries, such as Finland and Sweden, that have a long history of applying innovative technology within our focus sectors.

Curae in Latin literally translates into English as 'take care'.

Personal Safety devices for young and old

Keeping track of at risk employees and loved ones has become much easier thanks to the Navigil S3 Personal safety device - a watch with a fully functional mobile phone, activated with a single button press. It features GPS tracking and geo-fencing capability, providing a reliable and discrete, mobile alarm. With an in-built GPS system, you can pinpoint the exact location of the person you are looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet.

All models offer geo-fencing, a virtual electronic barrier set up on a digital map which, when breached, immediately alerts the designated emergency contact. Our devices also include cellular connectivity so that SOS calls can be made to a designated number from their Navigil GPS Tracker.

The device also comes with an easy to use interface that allows the emergency contacts to be updated and changed based on their availability, plus the ability to enable 24hr emergency monitoring by our alarm monitoring partner.

Suggested beneficiaries include:

  • Older people who are either:
    • on the move (grey nomads)
    • ageing in place
    • living with dementia
  • People with disability
  • Lone, remote and rural workers

See Our Solutions for all of Navigil’s key features.

Our emerging portfolio of solutions has a common purpose - to promote quality of life by using technology that enhances personal safety and independence.

Mobile safety and independence

Our first product is S3 and Rafael, a mobile safety and independence solution.

The stylishly designed S3 is a wearable watch phone with a long list of exciting features such as GPS technology, that can be worn just as a normal wristwatch with no concern for it being recognised as a personal safety device.

Alarm calls can easily be made by the single push of a button, and S3 can also make and receive normal phone calls and automatically send location and battery alarms.

S3 can be easily adapted for persons with poor dexterity, those suffering from dementia, aged persons who are living alone and in need of additional monitoring, and lone workers in higher risk work environments.

The Rafael service enables caregivers to share the workload of receiving alarm calls using recipient reachability service based on weekly availability calendar and unavailability exclusion periods.

If none of the caregivers is reached, Rafael can route the alarm call to a 24/7 alarm call center.

Refer to our Case Studies and Data Sheets for more details and specifications or contact us.

Key Features

The Curae S3 Personal Alarm Device does much more than tell time! The device can make and receive calls, like a mobile phone, and help you locate and monitor your loved one, with features that can be customised to provide as little or as much support as you need. The Cuare Device is also manufactured in Finland not China!!!


The Curae S3 Personal Alarm Device’s built-in Fall Sensor will alert authorised carers (or monitoring 24/7 specialist support centre) immediately if you slip or fall. The Device can also automatically make an alarm if the wearer is immobile during the day for an extended period.


The device helps carers to locate the wearer whenever needed by utilising its built in GPS receiver. The inbuilt GPS is also 3G compatible. As an authorised user, a carer can monitor the location and safety of the wearer at any time through our web interface.


Curae Technology has an easy-to-use web interface that allows carers to establish safe zones, and destination alerts and is the best available in the market This will notify the designated carers if the wearer has left the safe zone and can advise users once a wearer has arrived at a specified destination or entered a blacked out area. The safe zone is fully customisable and can be set up to change depending on time of day, days of the week etc.


The Curae S3 Personal Alarm Device includes an easy-to-use charging station that also acts as a GPS home beacon. Simply place the watch in the charging dock and it will start charging immediately. The dock is designed to be used by users with all levels of dexterity. There’s no need to change the batteries or struggle with tiny phone plugs and power cords.


The Curae S3 Personal Alarm Device has a built-in mobile phone and sim that is compatible with the 3G network. It can call six pre-programmed numbers, as well as the 24/7 specialist call centre. The watch can also be set to receive calls from any phone and auto answer can be enabled. With excellent sound quality this is the best in its class.


Curae Technology has partnered with Rechenberg Monitoring a QLD based monitoring company that specialises in medical alert monitoring services. By adding this option it provides peace of mind to carers and loves ones that in the case of an emergency and all carers are not available a professional back is always available.


The watch can give the wearer audible reminders to take important medications, with up to ten medication alerts each day. Wherever the wearer is, they are reminded to take their medicine at the appropriate time.


The Curae S3 Personal Alarm Device can be worn in the shower, so once the watch has been put on in the morning, it can stay on all day instead of being left behind on the bathroom bench.


Our easy-to-use web interface has is designed so there are no tricky settings needed to set up or operate the Device. All settings can be easily and quickly changed or customised using the Rafael web portal.


Due to advanced power saving modes of the hardware, beacon functionality and intelligent power management in the firmware, the Curae S3 PAD can operate several days on a single charge while always reachable by phone and still sends periodic status, wearer activity and location reports. Typical battery life is three days in normal GSM network conditions when the watch wearer is up to two hours per day outside of home beacon range.


Easy to deploy mini beacons enable statistics of user’s daily routines at home to be captured and monitored plus they minimise the likelihood of false out of home alarms and maximize the Devices battery life. Mini beacons are easy to install. There are 2 options - AC power outlet mini beacon is just inserted into a power socket and it is ready to use. Coin battery operated mini beacons come with an adhesive - peal and stick installation takes only seconds.

Activity reporting

Changes in an elderly person’s daily routines can indicate a need for a more detailed diagnosis in order to prevent a deterioration in one’s condition. The Curae S3PAD collects and reports user’s level of activeness during the day. Statistics reports shows percentage of time split between very active, active and non-active states.

Detailed at home statistics

Changes in the daily routines can be detected from the reports which show user’s whereabouts at home during a day. Mini beacons can be placed in each room of the property including the toilet. Statistics show percentage of time split between each room or area. Statistics can reveal symptoms such as frequent visits to the toilet and irregular sleeping patterns.

Integration with BIG DATA analytics

Navigil Rafael system has a M2M JSON API that can be used to pass the activity and location data to an external analytics processing server. The activity reports can be used to identify persons whose level of activity or daily routines are changing.

Case Studies

Data Sheets

Navigil S3 Dementia datasheet R1.02

Navigil S3 Telecare datasheet R1.02

Navigil S3 Wellbeing datasheet R1.02

Navigil S3 Cognitively impaired datasheet R1.02

Navigil S3 Lone worker datasheet R1.02

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