True’s expert female clinicians have advanced skills in intrauterine contraception. Our clinicians work closely with GPs to streamline the assessment and fitting of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and will provide referring GPs with the outcome of their client’s IUD appointment.

Generally, clinicians refer to True when women request IUDs for contraception, or the Mirena IUS for menstrual management; a woman’s own GP is unable to fit an IUD in their practice, or it is necessary to assess a woman’s suitability for an intrauterine contraceptive device or system.

Nulliparity, young age, or a history of caesarean sections does not exclude women from such assessments. We do not accept referrals for women requesting general anaesthetic for the procedure, though we have a variety of analgesia options available. Women with unexplained changes in vaginal bleeding will require investigations prior to IUD fitting. This may be performed by True clinicians.

Appointments can be made by contacting a True clinic directly. GP referrals should be accompanied by any relevant and recent test results; for example cervical screening results, STI screening, BV assessment, or pelvic US. If necessary, True can arrange to conduct any relevant tests. Patients can also self-refer to our clinics.
There are no long waiting times for IUD appointments. We ask patients to attend three sessions; an assessment visit, the insertion  appointment, and a follow up consult. We can arrange telephone appointments for the initial assessment and a GP visit for the follow up. This may be particularly useful for clients living a significant distance from the True clinic.

Mirena IUS are purchased from any pharmacy on prescription, at PBS prices. Copper IUDs are purchased directly from the True clinic.
Costs: A gap fee can apply to all services. Patients with a Health Care Card, pension card and full time students, are bulk-billed for all services. We advise patients of all costs at the time of the first appointment.

If you wish to discuss an IUD referral with a medical or nursing officer, please call True on 3250 0200.