Responding to the needs of migrant and refugee populations


The Culturally Responsive Reproductive and Sexual Health Project builds the capacity of professionals and services to improve reproductive and sexual health outcomes for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

We recognise that people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have diverse health needs that require tailored and culturally appropriate responses. Some health needs may be general such as sexual health literacy, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, or access to contraceptive choices. Other reproductive or sexual health needs may relate to specific experiences such as of female genital mutilation/circumcision/cutting (FGM/C), torture and trauma, or sexual violence within migration pathways.

People from migrant backgrounds may include refugees, international students, tourists, travellers as well as the children of migrants.

The project’s reproductive and sexual health education materials, resources, and training is reviewed by the Culturally Responsive Health Advisory Group. The Advisory Group is comprised of various health and/or migrant and refugee sector professionals and focuses on accuracy, representation, and ethical issues. All culturally responsive health training and courses can be found here.  

For further information, please contact our CRH team at [email protected].