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There are billions of pages on the web but few that can be trusted with your reproductive and sexual health. To address this, True and Kristy Vallely, a.k.a. ‘the Imperfect Mum,’ have made a series of videos to provide accurate, honest information on the subjects that women in Australia really want to talk about. The videos are being published through our website and on Facebook. We will be adding a Q&A below if we receive additional questions from our clients and the Imperfect Mum community.

Follow-up questions

The following questions have emerged from the online community in response to the video:

1. What happens if i leave an Implanon rod in my arm for more than three years? If the rod is left in for more than three years, the contraceptive effect will start to wear off and you might get pregnant. You might not get periods back before pregnancy is possible. The removal process is very simple and is done under local anaesthetic. If you've been happy with Implanon, a new one can be placed at the same time. If you are concerned, please talk to your GP or visit True to discuss. And, if the implant is difficult to feel, it's important to see a doctor who is experienced with this type of service. Most women find the Implanon insertion/ removal/ reinsertion well worth it. It's three years of excellent contraception, without having to think about it!

2. My friend has had a Mirena for 6 years and knows that it was meant to be removed one year ago. Is this dangerous? Mirena is licensed for contraception for 5 years. If it's left in place any longer, the hormones will start to run out, the contraceptive effect will wear off and women will find they get more bleeding. It's a good idea for your friend to talk to her GP in such a case. It's important to rule out pregnancy and use another method of contraception (like condoms) in the meantime. If she's been happy with this method, then she could have a new Mirena placed at the same time the first one is removed.

3. I'm on my second Mirena but I've seen some younger women experience side effects. Is there a correlation between age and side effects? Women of all ages and life stages can have great results with Mirena. However, like any other method of contraception, it doesn't suit 100% of women. In our experience, women who have not had any pregnancies are likely to have a little more cramping at the time of insertion. For most of these women, it settles down over a day or two and they don't have further issues. It's important that women have a good understanding of Mirena - what the process is like, what the side effects could be - before they have it fitted. Also, it's worth remembering that many, many more people will tell you about their bad experiences than their good ones.