Counselling: LAMP Education:
May be a suitable crisis response. Can start immediately in some cases Is not a suitable crisis response. May be delayed start in times of high demand
Goals are set by the client, and are worked towards through a regularly reviewed plan Information provided is based on evidence and presented in the context of health, well being, and societal norms/laws
Client and counsellor may explore difficulties, abuse, stresses or trauma, anxiety or depression. Support is personalised and developed using the client’s goals An age/stage appropriate curriculum is facilitated in a way that is accessible for the participant and their learning needs/preferences
Different view points, experiences and behaviours are explored often with a view to behavioural change A set curriculum of lesson plans. Context is provided using (generalised) examples, scenarios, games, videos and quizzes. Personal questions or personal conversations are not encompassed
Can be short or long term, may be ongoing depending on the need 4 or 6 education sessions
Diagnostic assessment and reporting may be included. Learning style is discussed at the initial appointment so sessions are directed a suitable and relevant way.
A confidential service (with rare lawful exceptions). A confidential service (with rare lawful exceptions).