The focus of the course is on the supply and administration of drugs, inclusive of all the drugs listed on the approved list of medications in the Drug Therapy Protocol – Sexual Health Program (including reproductive health). In practice this means that your supply and administration of drugs is always led by the Health Management Protocol of your organisation.

Eligibility & Pre-requisites

Advanced Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurses who are:

  • Employed in a position that has sexual and reproductive health as a key role and responsibility within their position description
  • Have demonstrated advanced clinical skills in the specialty
  • Have theoretical knowledge and education in the specialty
    • NOTE : True is unable to provide the Clinical Workplace Module and Clinical Aspects course at this time.

Course overview

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The course has been developed by True Relationships & Reproductive Health and is endorsed by Queensland Health. It is offered by the CQUniversity Australia Centre for Professional Development in collaboration with True.

The aim of this course is to provide an opportunity for sexual and reproductive health nurses who are already working in an advanced capacity to further enhance their knowledge and skills in relation to the safe supply and administration of medication within a sexual and reproductive health program according to the Drug Therapy Protocol – Sexual Health Program (including reproductive health), relevant approved Health Management Protocol and the Queensland Health (Drugs & Poisons) Regulation 1996.


40 hours will be awarded on successful completion and candidates will receive a transcript of evidence and a certificate of completion.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate the ability to apply relevant legislation, policies and ethical principles to professional practice as an Authorised DTP Sexual Health Program Nurse.

  1. Define the differences between the key pharmacological principles:
    • including drug actions
    • principles and methods of administration and supply
    • drug calculations
    • application of specific drugs in specific conditions
    • identify needs of specific groups
    • normal and adverse reactions to drug therapy
    • appropriate interventions
  2. Demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge of Authorised Nurse's roles and responsibilities in the supply and administration of drugs
  3. Implement comprehensive medication assessment for contraception, and supply medication according to the employer's Health Management Protocol and Drug Therapy Protocol - Sexual Health Program (including Reproductive Health)
  4. Demonstrate the ability to deliver quality immunisation services according to:
    • Employer's Health Management Protocol and Drug Therapy Protocol - Sexual Health Program (including Reproductive Health)
    • Australian Immunisation Handbook
    • National Vaccine Storage Guidelines
  5. Demonstrate the ability to assess individual client's vaccination requirements, manage vaccine processes and vaccination procedures
  6. Identify and treat anaphylaxis according to organisational guidelines and procedures


Duration 12 weeks
Cost $400 (includes GST)
Delivery Method Online

Eligibility Package

In order to undertake this course, you must first complete the Eligibility Package and return it to True via the form below. Once you have been approved eligible by True Relationships and Reproductive Health you will be provided with your CQU login details and you have three months from the enrolment date to complete the course.

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