The course provides clinicians an evidence-based foundation to managing common genital dermatological conditions. The module consists of a series of slides in which are embedded with clinical images, diagrams, case studies and links to references and resources with assessment at completion of the module.

Eligibility & Pre‐requisites

  • Medical or Nursing qualifications are helpful.

Course aims

The course aims to up skill clinicians with the latest evidenced-base information in:

  • Normal genital anatomy, including physiological variants
  • Presentation and clinical consultation of common genital dermatological presentations
  • Diagnosis, treatment and management of common dermatological presentations

Course learning objectives

At the end of this module, clinicians should be able to:

  • Differentiate between normal genital anatomy (including physiological variants), and genital skin conditions which require further investigation
  • Manage a genital skin consultation including clinical history taking and physical examination
  • Select the appropriate investigations for a range of clinical presentations including STIs
  • Undertake initial management of genital dermatological conditions and know when referral is indicated
  • Understand the natural history of premalignant genital skin conditions
  • Identify pre-malignant conditions of the genital skin and initiate appropriate management

Course content

Unit 1: Introduction

  • Male & Female Anatomy
  • Common Anatomical Variants, Anomalies & Benign Lesions
  • Clinical History & Examination

Unit 2: Dermatoses

  • Dermatitis
  • Types of Dermatitis
  • Treatment

Unit 3: Pre-malignant Conditions

  • Vulval Conditions
  • Penile Conditions
  • Treatment

Unit 4: Other Conditions

  • Contributing Factors
  • Fixed Drug Eruptions
  • Management

Unit 5: Skin Manifestations of Sexually Transmissible Infections

  • Genital Rashes
  • Genital Ulcers
  • Genital Lumps
  • Self-Assessment

General Practice Accreditation and Credit Points

RACGP QI&CPD - 4 Category 2 points (2017-2019 Triennium) (no predisposing or reinforcing activity)

RACGP 4 Cat 2 Points logo

Credit Points for other clinicians

On successful completion of the module, participants will be awarded a certificate listing the learning outcomes and anticipated time for completion of the module. This certificate can be used for submission to obtain Professional Development or Continuing Education points to the relevant organisation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships are available for this course. Please download an application form here and submit at least 10 weeks prior to the course date.


Delivery Method Online
Duration 2 hours
(includes GST)