Developments in digital technology have opened up a new world and offer many exciting possibilities. These developments however also pose numerous risks.

In this practical course, we examine how young people are using new technologies and both the risks and benefits that these technologies bring. We also examine the implications of digitally technology on the sexual development, sexual behaviour, safety and well-being of children and young people.

Participants will explore resources and gain skills to identify and support healthy and age appropriate online behaviours and to protect children and young people from the risks posed by the online world.


Who is it for?

  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Service Managers
  • Child Safety Officers
  • Family Support Workers

Course content

This training will enable participants to:

  • Understand they ways in which children and young people are using digital technology
  • Identify age and developmentally appropriate online activities
  • Explore both the benefits and risks of digital technology use
  • Develop knowledge and skills in media and digital literacy
  • Implement practical strategies in age appropriate ways to ensure internet safety
  • Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to enable children and young people to engage in the online world in positive ways

Learning outcomes

  • Critically evaluate the benefits and risks that technology poses to the healthy sexual development and the safety of children and young people
  • Demonstrate expertise in applying the TL® Framework to children and young people’s digital technology use
  • Demonstrate expertise in applying a harm minimisation approach to children and young people’s digital technology use
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of the core principals of digital citizenship for promoting safe, ethical and responsible digital technology use


Cost $120 (GST-free)
Delivery Method Online anytime