Clinically accurate and appropriate information relating to contemporary and emergency contraception

This short webinar will increase the knowledge of health professionals to communicate with young people about contraceptive options to support reproductive and sexual health with a focus on the Queensland context. Topics will include an overview of: the current usage of contraceptive choices in young people; communicating with young people on contraceptive choices; types of contemporary contraceptive options - long acting reversible contraception (LARC), medium and short acting contraception and emergency contraception; and information on referral options.

True's webinars enable you to access professional training from your home or office using WebEx Online technology. Sessions are facilitated by a True educator using a combination of streaming audio, videos, pictures, presentations and online collaborations. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the online workshop by joining in chat discussions via text or microphone.

Learning outcomes

  • Summarise the current context for young people in Queensland accessing contraceptive choices
  • Acknowledge key data and evidence on contraceptive choices and young people in Queensland
  • Generate ideas to influence evidence based practise
  • Outline key information, support and referral pathways.

Who should attend?

  • Health professionals and clinical staff working with young people

This online activity is a self managed process and accessing the webinar is the individual's responsibility. Prior to registration, please check and test your system and the connection requirements to ensure you are able to access this session from your computer.

Contraception choices

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships are available for this course. Please download an application form here and submit at least 10 weeks prior to the course date.


General registration - $40
School based youth health nurse - Free
Length 45 minutes
Delivery Method Webinar