Information sessions for parents and carers

Schools can book True's Family Education sessions to support parents/ carers communicate about bodies, relationships and sexuality with their child/ren. True offers three sessions within the family education program, all of which are 1.5 hours in length and held on school premises.


  • developing open and healthy communication about sexuality between parents/carers and children
  • providing age-appropriate sexuality education
  • building children's self-esteem
  • providing information and support during puberty

Family education programs

  • The Bodies and feeling safe session covers the names and functions of the reproductive body parts, public and private places and behaviours, and identifying feelings and a personal safety network
  • The Reproduction session covers topics such as reproductive body parts and functions, conception, pregnancy and birth
  • The Preparing for puberty session addresses reproductive body parts and changes that occur at puberty. Activities are designed to build communication between children aged 9-12 and their parents/carers


Cost $500 per session (charged to school)
Length 1.5 hrs
Delivery Method face to face on school premises
Bookings The True All School program is offered Queensland-wide. Please contact our state-wide contact number with enquiries or to make a booking: (07) 3250 0280 or