Independence and Safety

Curae Technology is a social business supported by True. All Curae profits go to services provided by True.

Curae is seeking to raise $550K from grants and philanthropic donations to fund the next stage of growth of the company. Curae Technology brings advanced, assistive technology to the market in Australia.

Beneficiaries include:

  • People over 65 who are on the move or ‘ageing in place’ – sometimes affectionately known as the go go’s, slow go’s and no go’s
  • People with a disability
  • Lone, remote and rural workers

Curae Technology’s suite of products will improve personal safety through technology.

The first product is the Navigil system - a watch with a fully functional mobile phone, activated with a single button press. It features GPS tracking and geo-fencing capability, providing a reliable and discrete, mobile alarm.

Visit Curae Technology for more information.