From 1 December 2017 screening for Cervical Cancer in Australia will change.

A new cervical screening test also known as the HPV test will screen women aged 25 to 74 years. Routine screening will be recommended every five years instead of two.

The Cervical Screening Test will detect human papillomavirus (HPV) which is the virus responsible for cell changes that may cause cervical cancer. In this way the test is better than the previously used Pap smear test which only picks up abnormal cell changes once they have occurred.

The sensitivity of the Cervical Screening Test means that women will need to be screened less often and can safely start screening from the age of 25 and not 18 as was previously the case. Women under 25 with a normal Pap history will need to wait until they turn 25 years old to be eligible for screening under the new program.

True Clinics now provide the new Cervical Screening Test. True clinicians have completed additional training on cervical screening and are happy to provide information and advice on these screening changes.

Women should be encouraged to attend their next scheduled cervical screen when due. For most women this will be two years after their last Pap smear test was taken. The new Cervical Screening Test will be offered at this time.

For more information, or to book an appointment at your nearest True clinic, please visit

Colposcopy information sheet

Cervical Screening at True information sheet


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