Enhancing LGBTIQ+ affirming-practice in clinical settings

LGBTIQ+ patients continue to avoid or delay help-seeking from health practitioners, in fear of stereotyping or discrimination. This fear stems from experiences of discrimination, barriers to accessing affirming health care and nationwide health inequities.

True will present a one day workshop, commencing in May, to provide practical steps to enhance LGBTIQ+ affirming-practice in clinical settings. Participants will explore examples of the unique health and well-being issues that contribute to LGBTIQ+ people avoiding and/or delaying help-seeking and look at practical ways to overcome these issues.

The workshop will provide current evidence on LGBTIQ+ population health, insight into LGBTIQ+ inclusive practices and principles for affirming service-provision and increased confidence for clinical workers when engaging with LGBTIQ+ patients, their carers or supporters.

Course content

  • Key concepts of diverse bodies, genders, relationships and sexualities
  • Exploration and application of LGBTIQ+ affirming individual practice
  • Sharing diverse perspectives of intersectional LGBTIQ+ lived experiences, socio-political contexts and mental health
  • Key considerations working with a patient during a time of affirmation alongside complex health needs
  • Safety planning with a LGBTIQ+ patient who is a victim-survivor of violence
  • LGBTIQ+ affirming organisational culture in clinical and health education settings

Learning outcomes

  • Summarise key concepts of diverse bodies, genders, relationships and sexualities
  • Outline key concepts of trauma-informed practice in the context of LGBTIQ+ mental health
  • Apply LGBTIQ+ affirming individual practice within interpersonal interactions
  • Identify unconscious bias within clinical and health promotion contexts
  • Demonstrate cultural competency in the area of LGBTIQ+ patient care and safety
  • Differentiate organisational cultures to identify LGBTIQ+ affirming environments

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