True Brand

After many years as Family Planning Queensland, we introduced a new brand for our core reproductive and sexual health services in 2015.

Why True?

The term 'family planning' had become a bit outdated. It has little currency among people under 35 years of age, many of whom think it is code for not having a family. This is problematic because we offer many services to support healthy pregnancy, including antenatal care and pregnancy care.  

The other important reason for change is that we offer a broad range of services that have little to do with family planning. In addition to expert training for clinicians, we are active in child protection, sexual assault counselling and relationships education. The name 'Family Planning' was confusing for clients of these services.   

We needed to find a more abstract name because there was no descriptive word that could cover the breadth of our services. We chose True because it reflects our role as a trusted source of accurate information and expertise. Our work is grounded in a strong evidence base, which is why we have been trusted by communities across the state for over 40 years. 

What does the tagline mean?

Our tagline of ‘relationships and reproductive health’ provides more explicit reference to our relationships and sexuality education, as well as a broader range of clinic services. These now extend across the full reproductive and sexual health spectrum; often called women’s health or men’s health.

What about the colours and the leaves?

The logo represents our commitment to people of all ages and the diversity of our clients and customers.