Providing peace of mind and trustworthy information to communities

Governments and non-profits across the world license the Traffic Lights®  suite to share with their clients and communities. Traffic Lights® helps people to identify, understand and respond to children's sexual behaviour, so it provides an important resource for schools, early child care centres and health professionals, as well as families. Specific benefits that flow from Traffic Lights®  include:

  • quick assessment of behaviour as developmentally appropriate or inappropriate
  • establishing common language and expectations between child care professionals, parents and carers
  • prevention of over-reporting from professionals 
  • greater peace of mind for parents and carers

Do I need a license to use Traffic Lights®

If your organisation wants to use Traffic Lights® material or the Traffic Lights® trademark, you will need a license. Copying, adapting or publishing the material without True's authorisation is not permitted.  

How can I secure a license to use Traffic Lights®?

True offers licenses for specific purposes. For example, True has licensed governments to publish Traffic Lights® content on their websites, making it available to the public at large. It also licenses universities to provide online education in Traffic Lights®, undertake research or translate it into other languages. True also partners with other social services organisations to partner in the delivery of face-to-face training. 

Where do I start?

Please email True at or call +61 7 3250 0240 to discuss your organisation's needs.