On sensitive matters, expertise matters

True often receives questions about child sexual behaviour from government agencies, schools, early child care centres, non-profit organisations and families. To respond to widespread community need, True offers a consultancy service that can respond flexibly to different needs. Examples include:

  • policy development
  • organisational competence development planning
  • internal system review
  • external communication 
  • project-based education and training for specific audiences

Supporting governments

True is experienced in the creation of strategies to support workforce development and up-skilling. Its consultants collaborate with departments to create effective, cross-departmental approaches that deliver enduring benefits.

Supporting non-profit organisations

True recognises that training in child sexual behaviour often forms part of larger projects. Accordingly, True does join consortia to ensure the availability of this component and can craft project-specific education and training to meet the needs of different funding organisations.

Where do I start?

Please email True at info@true.org.au or call +61 7 3250 0240 to discuss your organisation's needs.