Who is the Looking after me package suitable for?

Looking after me packages use visual resources and interactive activities. They can be adapted to meet a range of needs; however they are best suited for individuals with an intellectual disability or with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The approach will be tailored based on an individual’s age and abilities and this can be discussed at the initial meeting.

Does the person with a disability need to consent to the education?

True strongly advocates that the person is informed and provides their consent. It is important that the young person or adult is aware that a booking is being made and that they understand the purpose of participating in the Looking After Me program.

Why does True ask for a support person to attend the session with the young person or adult?

True invites parents, carers or service providers to be a part of the education process. If there is a support person present, there is then opportunity to continue the education process after the program is completed. It is very helpful for the person to have someone to provide ongoing clarification and follow up at home or in other settings.

Who can be a support person?

A family member, good friend or service provider who has a positive, ongoing relationship with the person can be a support person. It is important that the person feels comfortable with whoever is attending the sessions with them. It is preferable that the same person accompanies the person for the duration of the program.

Is it ok for someone to attend alone?

In some circumstances this will be appropriate. This can be negotiated at the initial meeting.

How long are the sessions?

The initial meeting with a parent/carer or a service provider lasts for 45 minutes. Looking after me sessions are 1 hour each.

Do we have to come every week?

Looking after me sessions can be scheduled to occur at weekly or fortnightly intervals. This time frame enables the delivery of the education to flow and provides opportunity for reinforcing learning at each session.

How long do we have to complete the package?

Sessions for each package need to be booked and attended within a 4 month time frame. This time frame enables the delivery of the education to flow and provides opportunity for reinforcing learning at each session.

 We’re not sure which package to choose. Can I talk to someone about it?

Of course, please call 07 3250 0240 and we can help you.

Can we swap the topics between the packages?

Unfortunately no, the topics in each of the packages have been selected based on True’s experience of delivering relationships and sexuality education for people with disability.

The package that provides the most flexible approach is the Personalised package.

What if we want to have some extra sessions? How much will they cost?

Extra sessions can be added to your package. Session topics can be chosen from the existing topics within the package options. Each additional session is $225 and can be negotiated at the initial meeting or at any time during the delivery of the sessions.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule? How much notice do I need to provide?

See the cancellation and rescheduling policy.

How will True keep information confidential?

Read True’s Privacy policy to learn more.

Will we get resources to take home?

Yes, you will be able to take away all the work that has been completed during the sessions. You may also be provided with extra visual resources to support learning between sessions. True’s online shop also has a selection of useful resources available for purchase.

Is this service eligible for rebates from private health funds or medicare?

No, this is not a rebated service.

Any other questions?

Please send us an email:  info@true.org.au

or phone us on 07 3250 0240.