Promoting healthy sexual development in early childhood

It is natural for children and young people to be curious about sexuality and to express their thoughts and feelings through their behaviours and relationships. Understanding child sexual development can help adults feel confident to talk to children and young people about sexuality and relationships and to respond positively to sexual behaviours when they happen. Helping children to be safe is also one of our most important responsibilities.

Participants in this course will explore and discuss resources and strategies for promoting healthy sexual development and personal safety skills. The information and resources presented are grounded in the latest research and practice and will assist professionals in their work with children and young people as well as supporting parents and carers to communicate positively and protectively with their children.



  • understanding sexual development of children and adolescents
  • introduction to the Traffic Lights framework for identifying what is normal, concerning or problem sexual behaviours of children and young people
  • strategies for teaching about sexuality and self protection
  • creating a positive and protective environment

Who should attend?

  • staff working with children in a range of settings including: education, out-of-school-hours and vacation care, early childhood, family support, community access and respite care


Cost $130
Length Half day, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sessions TBA
Delivery Method Face-to-face