Provide accessibility and choice

True is committed to bring expert reproductive and sexual health services to every Queenslander. Our aim is to develop a sustainable women’s health service to ensure preventative care is within reach of every community. 

Rural and remote communities


Many rural and remote communities have no female clinicians or expert women’s health services. Clients who need specialist consultations are forced to travel far to see an expert. This is especially difficult as problems can be complex and may need subsequent treatment or follow up. Distance is often quoted as the reason why rural women delay seeking care.

14 locations across our state

True’s determination to find a way for our friendly female clinicians to regularly vist the outback, led to a partnership with CheckUP. In 2016, we launched our rural and remote service. Today, we regularly visit Agnes Water, Augathella, Bowen, Clermont, Collinsville, Dysart, Hughenden, Julia Creek, Moura, Quilpie, Richmond, Thargomindah, Mount Morgan and Texas. Our clinicians have become well known and trusted in these communities.


The program is funded by the
Federal Government and managed by CheckUP.


View the clinic outreach calendar of scheduled dates.


Metropolitan areas in need

Sometimes distance is not the issue. In some suburbs of our cities, we partner with local community organisations to provide services to refugees, disadvantaged youth, CALD and migrant populations. These metropolitan outreach centres ensure our most vulnerable populations have access to expert reproductive and sexual health. This is a new initiative for True. We have recently opened our Inala clinic and are in discussion with two other locations.


True now provides a monthly clinic for anyone in the Inala community who is looking for expert reproductive and sexual health services. The clinic is run once a month by True’s friendly female clinicians and is open to clients of all ages. Services include contraception, pregnancy, sexual health, complex gynaecology and menopause. Through a partnership with headspace, the clinic is located in rooms inside the headspace office in Inala, but the service is available to everyone in the community, whether they are a headspace client or not. Clients do not need a referral to make a booking. They can make an appointment by calling True directly on (07) 3281 4088, or through headspace on (07) 3727 5000. Services are bulk billed for people with a valid Medicare card. With this outreach location, True hopes to provide Inala with specialised reproductive and sexual health services in a community setting.

Smaller regional centres

Many smaller regional cities cannot sustain a full-time, specialist clinic. While local hospitals manage specialist appointments, many are overburdened and wait lists can be long. Our outreach service partners with community and health organisations to provide clinical services through regular visits. As community need increases we increase the frequency of our visits to suit local demand.