This full-day training will increase the competency and confidence of interpreters and translators in communicating with their clients in aspects of reproductive and sexual health. Participants will gain an understanding of working within the Australian health care system.

The course will provide interpreters and translators with the tools for communicating with their clients about aspects of reproductive and sexual health. Topics will include: bodies and the reproductive system; pregnancy and birth; sexual health including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and contraception; and gender and sexuality.

Who is it for?

Interpreters and/or translators working in clinical, health education or health promotion settings.

This training is offered free of for Interpreters and Translators that work in health settings. If you do not work in health settings and you are interested in this training, please contact us for availability.

Course overview

This full-day face-to-face workshop will include discussion, case studies and interactive group work.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a basic understanding of the Australian health system in the area of reproductive and sexual health;
  • Increase knowledge about the names and functions of the reproductive system and how the body changes over the lifespan;
  • Learn about different aspects of sexual health including contraception, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections;
  • Enable effective communication between clients and clinicians.


Cost Free*

16 November 2018

4 December 2018

21 February 2019

2 April 2019

9:00 am - 3:30 pm
True, Windsor True, Windsor Brisbane
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