True introduces the Navigil system to the Australian market

In an ageing society, ideas that promote independent living are important when it comes to maximising quality of life and minimising the costs of aged care.  Against that background, True is testing one of the world's most advanced personal alarm systems for the Australian market: Navigil. 

Traditional 'pendant' or panic-button alarms rely on a home telephone to send an emergency signal to a call centre. The limitation of this approach is that it doesn't work outside the house. Further, nearly 50% of people with pendants do not wear them due to discomfort or the stigma they attach to the device.  

Navigil represents a new approach. The technology is housed in a sports watch, designed in Switzerland. The watch is a fully-functioning mobile phone with in-built GPS. If the wearer needs to make an emergency call, they can press the crown of the watch. This will activate an emergency call to a pre-defined number and record the location of the wearer. This approach frees people from their homes and provides a discrete, practical tool for peace of mind. 

The system is optimised for aged care and can be customised for different profiles. This enables the wearer and the wearer's family to alleviate concerns relating to privacy, while ensuring a high degree of safety.

True is testing the system to gauge the response from the Australian market. Evaluation trials are being planned with a number of telecare organisations and universities ahead of a commercial launch in due course. For more information, please contact Greg Elphinston on 07 3250 0240 or visit


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